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Salvaged Old Growth Redwood from late-1800's

Your Specs Are Our Specialty

We arrange custom milling and handle only ecologically salvaged old growth redwood, clear all heart, all quarter-sawn, all fully air-dried correctly, never used before.

The custom milling we arrange can be to any specifications you define. We also have thousands of board feet in quarter-sawn cants, from 30" x 24" and down, of all sawlog lengths. We have decks of quarter-sawn full dimension timbers from 12" x 12" down.

All our lumber has been air-dried at least 1 year per 1" thickness, years of correct stickering, storage and rotation right here on our property. No splitting or cupping later! Perfect quality for historic building restoration.

We will work with you, your architect and/or your builder to provide redwood in actual dimensions of lumber; and siding in vertical, flat or mixed grain. We arrange cutting 1 x 6 T&G redwood lumber, or dimensions you specify. See tongue and groove paneling pictures.

Timber buyers in north east, and importers seeking US suppliers: We are your supply center! Peruse our Web site for California redwood lumber photos and the unique quality of our salvaged, sunken old growth redwood.!

       Redwood Slabs, Tables & Tops       

We also make doors...or provide door stock!

Guiltless Eco-Salvaged Old Growth Redwood

Custom Tables and Tabletops - Built to your specificaitonsOur redwood is ecologically sound; having been cut by original loggers of the mid-1800s and lain at the bottom of Big River over 135 years, this lost-treasure was salvaged by hand-wench and lift of the tides, raising the water-logged giants from the river bottom 35 feet below. Our redwood is not from second-growth harvesting.

The appeal of our redwood is that it is first growth, a different animal than 2nd-5th growth redwood. Why? Because subsequent growth, once the old growth is cut, grows from the original roots, and therefore many, many times faster, resulting in lots of small "sucker" trees, a very pulpy wood (wide growth rings, due to the rapid growth, since the roots are already established), not the dense old growth with tight growth rings. So our old growth, tight grain redwood appeals to the fine woodworker who, in my father's words, want to build something really beautiful "guiltlessly."

Although one of the lightest of softwoods, redwood provides adequate strength for many uses, as well as superior insulation values. Redwoods minute cell structure, with thousands of air filled cavities, enables redwoods thermal insulation values. Redwood is easily machined, easy to saw, nail, glue, and has superior finish-holding ability. Redwood is known for its easy maintenance and beautiful color. Redwood is often used where high moisture levels are a problem with other types of wood.

Within our Web site we have a brochure library of Redwood Idea Resources; with numerous ideas including project plans...from "living green" to exterior finishes, and many do-it-yourself projects. Find out what California Redwood can do for you!

Unrivaled Shades of Color

Sinker wood is unique in its colors and grains, from deep rich purples through rich red and rosewood tints, also blond, burgundy and cinnamon brown, as shown in the pictures on this site. The result of more than 135 years in the mineral-rich water of Big River, this redwood is extraordinarily beautiful, with its tight grain and unusual variegated shades. Paneling and wainscoting is a popular use of sinker wood because of its unusual coloring. (The background image in this section is Redwood Burl.)

SHADES OF COLOR PHOTO GALLERY: (Click thumbnail image to view larger image)
Mineralization during the 150 years this redwood lay at the bottom of Big River resulted in colors unique to this exotic wood. Above are deep purple hues.The front door of Brewery Gulch Inn, all crafted from this salvaged redwood.1x8 paneling in the lobby of Brewery Gulch Inn, with battens fastened behind the boards. Shows a mixture of vertical and flat grains. Color variation is typical. Even the red redwood has beautiful and unique coloring The piece of 1x10 on the side of this bookcase shows a mineral stripe down the middle. There are a few of these pieces left for sale. Every piece of this blond, cinnamon and brown redwood was hand-selected for this home remodel in Lake Tahoe, California This leg stock made from salvaged sunken redwood has spectacular colors from being submerged in Big River over 135 years. The paneled bar at, Oakland, California Paneling installed at Brewery Gulch Inn, finished with clear oil. Visit Paneling installed at Brewery Gulch Inn, finished with clear oil. Visit Slatted bench available separately or as part of patio set. Porch swing made with black cats paw burl old growth redwood and vertical grain old growth, all salvaged from Big River. Wood and made-to-order swings, tables, benches. Old growth sinker wood cut 85 percent or better for vertical grains, make colorful masterpiece-type flooring. Can mix with some curly redwood around fireplaces, etc. We hand-select your boards. Beautiful burl furniture. All wood materials available here. Buy the wood alone; or we can create your custom-crafted beauty!

Graded Quality & Air-Dried

Our redwood is professionally certified, specialty high grade lumber grading. All our lumber has been air-dried at least 1 year per 1" thickness, years of correct stickering, storage and rotation right here on our property. No splitting or cupping later!

Clear redwood one-by from 1 x 2 inches to 1 x 16 inches   Graded redwood lumber

Clear one-by in dimensions from 1" x 2" to 1" x 16", vertical, flat and mixed grains.


Every piece is professionally graded by former Georgia-Pacific graders.

Local Woodworkers & Fine Craftsmen

If you wish, we work with the very best and reasonably priced local fine woodworkers to craft from wood selected here for fine furniture, paneling, wainscoting, trusses, custom doors, tables of all descriptions, complete kitchens, luthier billets and much, much more.

PHOTO GALLERY: (Click thumbnail image to view larger image)
Hand-selected every piece for this remodeled home at Lake Tahoe, California. The beams are wrapped with book-matched 1 x 6 inch and 1 x 8 inch. Four large rooms, the hallways and stairs--the entire house--completed with lumber for our salvaged old growth redwood supply at a total cost leaving our yard for less than $30,000. Every piece of redwood was hand-selected. The walls are panelled and trimmed (crown and baseboards) with 1 x 6 inch and 1 x 8 inch. Click to view larger image Redwood paneling. Custom doors; myrtlewood cabinets. The front door of Brewery Gulch Inn, all crafted from this salvaged redwood. Click to view larger image of bench Redwood Wine Racks Redwood table. Redwood table Redwood kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets made of beautiful Myrtlewood burl. Acoustic guitar made from clear vertical curly redwood. In the 7500 square foot building, we used only 11,000 board feet, for trim, for paneling, for 8 x 8 inch posts, for every window and exterior door, and for 1/32 inch veneer for vanities. Award winning Brewery Gulch Inn, Mendocino, California. Our salvaged old growth redwood used for the windows, doors and vanities.

We are happy to interface with builder-owners, design or building professional. We know old growth redwood and what it can do.

We hand select every piece of wood we sell, and we absolutely guarantee its quality.

Old Growth Split Rails Available For Sale

Click thumbnail image to view larger image
Old growth split rails. NO WAITING...our old growth is dry and ready to go! No waiting. Our wood is air-dried slowly and correctly for years and is ready to ship.

Old Growth Redwood Uses:
  • Beam ceiling designs
  • Timber lodge furniture
  • Post beam cottages
  • One-of-a-kind extreme home makeover
  • Mantel fireplace ideas
  • Custom executive furniture
  • Wood file cabinets
  • Building a deck on a home
  • Solid wood bedroom furniture
  • Traditional wood shutters
  • Building a home bar
  • Wood wine boxes
  • Redwood cupolas
  • Redwood panelized homes
  • Wooden arch bridge for garden or koi pool
  • Exotic custom furniture
  • Beautiful kitchen cabinetry
  • California historic building materials
  • Victorian houses renovation
  • Architects adaptive reuse of San Francisco bay area real estate
  • Desert mountain real estate or Lake Tahoe properties
  • Your luxury condo in Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas luxury homes
  • Scottsdale luxury homes
  • Unique redwood accent for Baha California properties
  • Caribbean vacation home
  • Japanese home architecture
  • Exotic wood timber frame houses
  • Timber frame barn kits
  • Green architect resources
  • LUTHIERS: Instrument quality air-dried redwood for guitars—see this stunning beauty!
  • Timber buyers in north east: we have the top-quality, uniquely colored old-growth redwood you're looking for!

Own a Piece of California State History All of our wood is clear all heart salvaged old growth redwood. This salvaged sunken redwood has ax-shaved ends, meaning it was cut before the late-1800s. OriginallyAx-shaved end harvested between 1850 and 1910, this redwood falls into three distinct time periods: 1) A V-shape or "beaver-cut" meant that a log was felled with an axe between 1850 and 1876, when the labor- and time-saving raker-tooth saw was invented. 2) Logs cut with a saw and dragged to the river by mules or oxen were first shaved or edged around their circumference to prevent snagging. Learn more...

Local Craftsmen for Your Finishing TouchWe have an excellent relationship with the master craftsmen and fine woodworkers in and around Mendocino. These experts can work directly with you or your agent in developing that just right look with our beautifully colored Custom bed by Greg Gagnonsalvaged redwood. We know old growth redwood and what it can do. We hand select every piece of wood we sell, and we absolutely guarantee its quality. Redwood Salvage Sales arranges custom milling to any specifications you define in vertical, flat or mixed grains, and ship directly to your home. We can ship domestic and internationally. Learn more...

Brewery Gulch InnGourmet Magazine (August, 2002) said, "this stylish new hotel sets a SoHo standard for design..." Wine Enthusiast (March, 2003) said that, partly due to this wood, the inn is "A masterpiece of style and design." Sky Magazine (Delta Airlines) wrote in June, 2003, that ...."wood connoisseur Ciancutti used the wood as lavish trim, a worthy tribute to those ancient trees." Learn more....

Myrtlewood AvailableMyrtlewood pieceAll-burl Myrtlewood is available here at Redwood Salvage Sales. We have Myrtlewood slabs 2-1/4" to 3-1/4", all 10' long, up to 44" wide, all book-matched. Air-dried 6 years indoors. One of a kind pieces. Some beautiful furnishings and items have been created by our local craftsmen..

Customer ReviewsCustomer installing their new redwood panelingAnother happy customer installing their new redwood paneling says, "They look beautiful!"—Los Angeles

Read what other customers have to say at our Customer Reviews.

In The NewsMyrtlewood pieceMagazine articles about Redwood Salvage Sales by Robb Report Luxury Home; BUILDERnews; Sawmill & Woodlot Magazine; and The San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Magazine. Check it out!

The Salvage StoryA man's journey from doctor to innkeeper in Mendocino County began with dredging sunk timber out of Big River...the recovery of a lost treasure of Northern California!

Green Benefits and Durability of RedwoodRedwood repels termites and its ability to resist rot enables it to last for generations—superb green architect resources for your green dream home! Learn more...

Buy exotic timber direct from Arky Ciancutti, M.D. We arrange custom milling to any specifications you define.
We will work with you, your architect and/or your builder; and ship domestic and international.
Phone: (707) 937-2144 or email Arky today!

Arky sitting by salvaged redwood logsMail to: P.O. Box 1473, Mendocino, CA 95460.
Phone, write or email your inquiry to us.

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